Mitsuba exporter 0.5

Hi guys, after Wenzel Jakob released new Mitsuba 0.3.0 plugin for blender was seriously broken. Here is first step to bring it into blender.
Blender 2.59 plugin for mitsuba 0.3.0 (now with sky extend option)
(to install just unzip it into ‘..\2.59\scripts\addons_extern\mitsuba\ -all files goes here’)

This was coded fast just to give you guys some fun in testing. There are lots of things missing:

  • no new bumpmapping
  • lack of some advanced materials, some setting are absent in current version
  • material preview won’t work with textured materials
  • sun works only based by it’s rotation – no advanced setting yet

But hey it works and is fun to play with!
Some render tests:
Sun, Sky, Sun&Sky

MItsuba sun, sky, sun and sky test
MItsuba sun, sky, sun and sky test

Some more complex material (download blend)- mixture of diffuse, translucent and coated with rough layer:

Blender monkey render in mitsuba

And some random materials (third one is has SSS):

Mitsuba materials
I will be updating exporter so stay tuned. Also take into account I’m new to python and blender API so lots of stuff is bit random creativity and smashing keyboard until plugin works.


13 thoughts on “Mitsuba exporter 0.5

  1. Doesn’t work for me on Ubuntu 10.10. I extracted to 2.59/scripts/addons originally because I did not have an addons_extern directory. Upon export, I get the error “Export unsuccessful.” I then created an addons_extern directory and extracted there. Same error. I even tried the mitsuMonkey.blend file from your site. I’m using trunk blender 2.59, by the way. I’d love to get Mitsuba working on my machine. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

    1. I need to know more. Do you have mitsuba path set in render panel? Does preview renders ok? If so, maybe try simple scene, and then more complex.
      Also this happened to me that output path was set to place where you have no rights to save/modify file. Try different path like /home/username/temp.
      I have no more ideas… sry

  2. Hi! Thanks for fixes and extensions! There is one thing that i spotted with roughness, alphaB seems to be only alpha nowadays.

  3. Thanks for your work! Played around a bit… (Ubuntu 11.04, Nvidia Gforce 260) and it renders! Had only problems with the lighting, light intensity woudn’t adjust… so changeing light intensity after the first render doesn’t work here… keep up the good work! Plenty of people out there want to try mitsuba…

  4. Hi,

    just FYI: the sssbrdf doesn’t provide subsurface scattering. It’s just a convenient way to get a surface reflection model (read: non-translucent / seen from far away) using the same parameters that a subsurface scattering model would traditionally need (sigmaS + sigmaA). For subsurface scattering, you’ll have to use the “dipole” plugin, which sorely needs some documentation :).


    1. thank for info. I will check dipole.cpp and make blender material based on this. But i guees it will need volumetric renderer so only – Volumetric PT for now right?
      Ok. I added dipolebrdf, but is seem to be not working. I have probably set something wrong… Let me know, I you may want to check my xml scene setup.

  5. I have found the error in the Blender rev400043. The folder name was “mitsuba05” instead of “mitsuba”. The script run now. Great thanks for your job! Jacob Wenzel is overbooked, I mean?

    1. sorry but it was so easy to setup, that I haven;t saved it. But all you have to do is add sun, and ti will render ok. Image may come to bright, so you may want to export scene to mitsugui, where you can tone-map it to correct brightness. Also there are lots of fireflies right now with sun, so I wouldn’t recommend using it with reflective surfaces.

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