Update to mitsuba exporter 0.7

Grab the new update to mitsuba exporter form here.

What is new:

  • lots of new parameters added for integrators (Irrandiance Cache is supported now too). Supported integrators for now: Direct Lightning, Path tracing, Volumetric path tracer (Simple and Extended),  Adjoint particle tracer, Photon mapper.
  • PNG and EXR film options added into camera, so you cant tweak exposure from inside blender, or use exr image, and tonemap it inside blender
  • I replaced old point light with new spherical one – it is more natural, since  it gives soft shadows and less fireflies.
  • I did some more work on Mitsuba materials. Support for Irawan&Marschner woven cloth is added. For it to work user needs to download weave pattern description (eg. from Mitsuba download page), and after unpacking zip file, you should point Blender ‘Woven cloth’ material to one of cloth pattern description files.
    Note: those files are using sets of parameters: (kd, ks) or (warp_kd, warp_ks, weft_kd, weft_ks). So depending on cloth type, you should use  (kd, ks) or (warp_kd, warp_ks, weft_kd, weft_ks). Maybe if future I will find way, to determine from file, which  parameter set to use.
    Note2: I’m not sure if I have written about it, but lot of Mitsuba materials are using coefficient paremeters that use RGB in range from 0 to above 1. So in all of color pickers for eg. scattering coefficients, u can type in values above 1. This will be probably changed in future with use of multiplier instead.

Here are some images from plugin testing, and two personal sculpts. Sculpt shows Priscilla, from Claymore comix. Sculpted in Sculptris, rendered in Mitsuba, some paint-over done in GIMP GPS. Render time of priscilla was around 6 min, with Photon Mapping and Irradiance Cache enabled.

Well that is it for now. I hope everything is clear.


14 thoughts on “Update to mitsuba exporter 0.7

  1. Hi bartoszstyperek,
    I have a slightly amateurish question – how is the integration supposed to work and what is required? I have Blender 2.59 on Windows 7 64bit with mitsuba add-on activated, mitsuba as render engine selected, executable path set with material preview and export mitsuba scene working. But all I get is a black screen if I try to render from within Blender (F12). Am I missing something? Thanks for your reply. Pavel

    1. Just try to use area light with power of 40, or increase exposure control (only in exporter 07 version). About 32or 64 bit, It dosen’t matter (well unles u have 32 bit cpu, and try to use 64 bit application). If this doesn’t work, just read error message form blender console (help->show console)

      1. Well this is what I get from the console:
        [Mitsuba 2011-Oct-05 21:02:46] MtsBlend: Current directory = “C:/”
        [Mitsuba 2011-Oct-05 21:02:46] MtsBlend: Writing adjustments file to “C:/test.Sc
        [Mitsuba 2011-Oct-05 21:02:46] Error: unable to write to file “C:/test.Scene.000
        [Mitsuba 2011-Oct-05 21:02:46] Error while exporting — check the console for de
        Blender was not installed only extracted, so maybe this is a permissions problem? May I ask you to be so kind and direct me with information on how to eventually change the “current directory” if it is possible? Thanks again for your help. Pavel

  2. Hello!
    How can i import this in blender?
    I extract that files into blender addons_extern map, but i have not mitsubarender in blender.

    Thanks the help.

  3. thanks for updating the script, one question, you included a python compiled mitsuba with the exporter, can it render alone without the the full renderer, if not, why having it?

  4. Hi, this is great! Does it support exporting smoke baked in Blender? Do you think I can help doing that (I know Python, know my way around the Blender API and has some acquaintances with LuxBlend, for instance)… Thanks and happy new year!

    1. I’m not smoke simulation guy, cos you need strong cpu for that. And I used mitsuba because it is fast, on my slow pc. Maybe there will be somebody who will be interested in porting blender smoke to mitusba format.

  5. a greeting, I use mitsuba exporter, I have everything loaded but the console to get this error, I hope I can help

    [Mitsuba 2012-Feb-02 21:58:47] MtsBlend: Current directory = “/tmp”
    [Mitsuba 2012-Feb-02 21:58:47] MtsBlend: Writing adjustments file to “/tmp/untitled.Scene.00001_adjustments.xml”
    [Mitsuba 2012-Feb-02 21:58:47] MtsBlend: Writing COLLADA file to “/tmp/untitled.Scene.00001.dae”
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/home/leon/.blender/2.61/scripts/addons/mitsuba/core/__init__.py”, line 121, in render
    File “/home/leon/.blender/2.61/scripts/addons/mitsuba/export/__init__.py”, line 663, in export
    AttributeError: ‘Scene’ object has no attribute ‘collada_export’



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