mitsuba 0.8 just DOF

Grab update from mitsuba exporter from here. It just fixes compatibility problems with blender 2.62, plus it adds DOF for perspective camera.
Here is mitsuba DOF sampled (as always sculpted in Sculptris plus tweaks in Zbrush):


13 thoughts on “mitsuba 0.8 just DOF

  1. Hi..
    nice work..but i can’t attach texture to objects..
    also the grid and Checkerboard plugin don’t work..
    please help.

    1. You need UV on mesh for them to work. Then press T next to material color, and select texture you wish to use (you need to create it first in texture panel).
      Sorry for late reply.

  2. Adding depth of field is a great achievement.

    Version 0.7 added some important features. Hopefully, 0.9 will recover those in Blender 2.62 and make improvements and additions, specifically:

    1. Blender can crash when rendering a simple cube with Path Tracing while other operations are done (e.g. moving the render window). When this happens the Mitsuba renderer continues to run until the render in finished. I can post some output from the terminal, but it doesn’t seem to indicate the source of the problem. Maybe this is a Blender issue. Is there a Blender log that would give details?

    2. In 0.8 only sun and hemi lights seem to work. Also, sun color and intensity don’t work.

    3. Photon Mapping and Woven Cloth are found in 0.7 but not in the 0.8 version.

    4. With the sun and sky lamp, sky turbidity acts strangely with a sharp shift in effect either side of 1.63. The default setting of 2.0 is not usable; only around 1.2-1.5 produces normal renders.

    5. Some general instability is found in the material settings, regarding the preview window. Also, Depth and SPP don’t seem to have any consistent effect, but the selected values do actuate after a render is performed.

    6. Hair based on Blender’s excellent particle hair system and Mitsuba’s hair plugin would be great, maybe using the result of the Blender particle modifier after converting to a mesh object.

    Is there a way to turn off the “Rendered using Mitsuba” message in each render?

    A note to fellow beginners when setting up the exporter:

    If you’ve put the mitsuba folder in your home folder, then in Linux the executable path required in the Blender Render Mitsuba Engine Settings panel should read something like the following: /home/Your-User-Name/mitsuba/dist/ . If things don’t work, starting Blender within a terminal with ./blender after cd’ing to it’s directory will often give useful error messages.

    Thanks to you and Wenzel for creating and maintaining this brilliant work.

    1. Hi Aurosutru, first what os do you use and what version of belnder? I have tested it with 2.62 – but before bmesh branch. Let me know it it works with bmesh.

      1. Sorry, but I was not able to recreate this, so I think I can’t fix it.
      2. Did you try to change exposure slider inside mitsuba, or inside blender camera settings? Maybe they are to high, so your render is black. Sun in mitsuba is physically based, so you cannot color it. just read mitsuba doc file
      3. Sorry, but I have them both visible. Maybe try delete *.pyc files in blender mitsuba plugin folder… and restart blender.

      4. Please read :

      5. Ok, I will probably have to test it with newest build of blender cos it works ok for me. Again let me know your OS and Blender version. I’m using win7

      6. I will take some time, but I will try to make it working. But I guess I will wait for bidir release of mitsuba.

      1. The OS is Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit, and Blender is stock 2.62.0 release (44136). Not sure what the B-mesh status of this build is. B-mesh is not mentioned as a standard 2.62 feature.

        Like yours, my hardware is a bit slow and maybe older – Pentium M, 1.73 GHz, 2 GB RAM, Intel Graphics. I’m using CLI rendering, so the lack of full shader capability in the graphics chipset seems irrelevant, though it might be affecting the preview.

        After removing an old version of the exporter and reinstalling 0.8, woven cloth and more integrator settings now show up and the material settings panel is stable. However, the preview window is now dark and rendering doesn’t work. The error message when attempting a render is:

        [Mitsuba 2012-Mar-21 21:52:38] MtsBlend: Writing COLLADA file to “/tmp/untitled.Scene.00001.dae”
        [Mitsuba 2012-Mar-21 21:52:38] MtsBlend: Launching mtsimport
        /home/tm/mitsuba/dist/mtsimport: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
        [Mitsuba 2012-Mar-21 21:52:38] Error while exporting — check the console for details.

        That missing library is actually in the same folder as the mtsimport executable (/home/tm/mitsuba/dist/). Trying earlier versions of Blender going back to 2.59 with the 0.7 exporter gives the same result. Eliminating all compiled python files from the exporter folder didn’t help. Starting the Mistuba GUI or CLI from a terminal works fine.

        Compiling the latest build from trunk did not include collada. I’d rather not get into compiling Collada seperately, unless it’s necessary.

        Thanks again for your help.

      2. Some additional information: In Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit all Blender versions from 2.59 through 2.62 render only with the exporter created during the Ubuntu 32-bit Mitsuba build (mitsuba-blender-interface01767ac22f34 in my system). Exporters 0.7 and 0.8 produce the “No such file or directory” error described in the previous post and produce a black render in Blender in less than a second.

      3. Well, I’m not sure but when you mentioned that ‘Starting the Mistuba GUI or CLI’ works ok – did you meant that opening sample.xml scene created in blender works ok if you open mitsuba and load xml from there? If not then it would seem it is mitsuba bug, and You would need to submit bug to Jakob Wenzel. Let me know if I understand this correctly.

      4. Both Mitsuba executables for the GUI and CLI work properly, so mtsimport is probably OK too, but it seems it isn’t being called properly in Linux by the add-ons. So the problem appears to be in the 0.7 and 0.8 add-ons and the way they work in Linux, not in Mitsuba. This is confirmed by the fact that the Linux built add-on works fine, though it is limited in function by its early version status.

        One possibility is that the special command described in the Mitsuba manual needed to start Mitsuba in Linux and Mac OS ($ . is not included in the add-ons 0.7 or 0.8, but something workable is in the Linux build add-on.

        Here are the brief contents of

        if [[ “$unamestr” == ‘Darwin’ ]]; then
        export PATH=`pwd`/$PATH
        export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd`/dist
        export PATH=`pwd`/dist:$PATH
        ulimit -c 1000000000

        Are you working only in Windows, or is Linux comfortable too?

  3. Any way to get the exporter to work? I’d much rather either A) Render using mitsuba in Blender itself or B) Be able to export it to the .xml right away rather than going from collada/.obj and importing it into the renderer.

    Is there a reason these 2 options are not available yet? I’m just curious. I really love the improvement with the plug in so far and I wish I could help with it but I don’t have the time to learn the coding with school and such happening.

    At any rate best of luck with this! I really appreciate that you’re doing something with it and happy that someone cares about this renderer.

    1. You just need to extract zip file to blender addons folder just like any other plugin. Then you activate it in blender preferences, point it to mitsuba.exe and you should be ready to go. I haven’t tested it with latest b-mesh yet.
      You can do 1) right now – > mitsuba will render to blender uv image editor.
      2) When you render xml file is created that is then loaded in mitsuba and rendered.
      Mitsuba xml scene formats reads 3 object types (if I remember correctly): obj, collada, and mitsuba internal serialized file format.
      XML is created in folder specified in blender render tab -> output -> by default is set to ‘/tmp\’ (means c:/tmp/ )

      1. Ah that’s what I did wrong. Silly me. Forgot to point to where the renderer was installed >.> – Thanks, i feel incredibly stupid now……………………………………………………………………

        lol ah welll…


        But really thanks, and I hope for the best for this renderer :3

  4. hate to do this again but I can’t figure out for the life of me how to change the background colour to something other than black… also having issues with objects not being rendered. I’d have my plane rendered but my cube isn’t showing up. It’s very strange and happens almost at random with files. Like some files work and others just don’t… And it doesn’t matter whether or not I’m using a Bmesh version of Blender or the official trunk.

    1. weird, there might be problems with exporting, but you CAN disable the watermarks in the camera settings, but try reinstalling the addons, and maybe check the materials for something weird too.

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