Gimp 2.8 impression

Gimp 2.8 is out so I took it for a spin.


  • Cage transform – very usefull fox fast fixing of proportions during painting (but it is bit slow)
  • Bigger and more user friendly sliders for paint tool options
  • Seems to be faster at least for me (lots of peple report slowdowns compared to 2.6 version)

  • (see edit for info)No pen pressure support! This makes it unusable for painting for now
  • Setup of brush seems to be to complicated – there are many little windows that you have to click to change brush behavior

There is hope, that We will have pen pressure in next release of gimp (2.10 I guess). This with improved performance, better blending modes (new gegl engine), more advanced brush dynamics will make gimp the best free Open Source painting software in my opinion.
There is one feature that I wish would be included in gimp – Paint branch just like for Gimp 2.6 GPS. This makes UI much cleaner and adds cool color blending dynamics for brush engine.
Gimp 2.8 UI
Any way here are some old Gimp GPS (and PS for coloring) drawings:

Just a note about pressure. If You have Wacom tablet, you can enable pressure in settings – Input Devices. However I use Hanvon tablet and it is not detected by default in gimp 2.8 (worked ok in 2.6). To solve this I had to install gimp from Partha


2 thoughts on “Gimp 2.8 impression

  1. Gimp 2.8 does have pen pressure support, but fails to recognize pen tablet if Gimp is not started with tablet in use. After that, pressure works fine.

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