Why krita soon will rule the painters world

Why krita?

Krita is Linux painting app, that recently is being ported to windows – try it for windows from here (be aware, Windows version it is still in alpha, there are some bugs that I will describe later, but it is so much fun to use).
I suggest using ‘Calligra Suite(highly experimental)’ because it seems to have less bugs. But in theory they should work both the same.

The best thing about Krita is, that it is being developed for painters so all most commonly used tools are always one click away:
– right click to show radial pop-up (see image above) with color selector, color history and favorite customizable brushes. No need to say, how useful it is;
– easy brush scaling with ‘shift’+mouse drag left/right to increase/decrease brush size – much faster and more accurate than pressing ‘[‘ or ‘]’ keys;
– big color selector that can be binded to any key – I find it useful to be set to ‘C’ – Color;

These are the most used tools by any artist and, as you can see, they are always easily accessible.
There is more stuff like filters, layer groups, all selection modes (by color, lasso, rectangle etc.) but other image editing apps have them to so I won’t describe them; they work as you would expect.

Some other features that I wish to mention are:
– X/Y symmetry, or radial symmetry painting
Krita painting with symmetry

– I once thought that it would be cool to have brush that blends/smudges if painting lightly and paints with color if pressed harder. I never thought I would find this feature in any painting app, but guess what, Krita has it. Above is example with few brushes first when painting hard with color, and then blending with same brush when pressing light. How cool is that?!
Krita smudge Brushes

– lots of brush types and options – here are something like few brush engines, all with lots of options to play with. Cool thing is your brush can have blending mode assigned to it, so you can make soft overlay brush for fast image coloring, without need to manually set blending mode for brush as in other apps. Also all brushes can be used as eraser by pressing ‘E’, or you can define custom eraser brush by setting it blending mode to ‘Eraser’.
Btw. to edit brushes that are shown in circle pop-up you need to click ‘Save to palette’ button on the top toolbar.
Krita brush options and presets

– lots of ‘blending modes’ – bit overkill if You ask Me but hey, You can add most used ones to fauvorites
Krita Blending Modes

– perspective grid widget – there is no longer need to draw it by hand
Perspective Grid in Krita
– custom curves for all brush options/dynamics. Similar to what we got in new GIMP 2.8 but it has more user friendly UI imo, and require less clicks to setup

Well it is very good for Me, and definitely much better that Gimp. PS user may complain especially on Windows but the price of Krita is hard to beat.
It is said that Krita performance on Linux is higher but I haven,t tested it.

Bugs on Windows:
There are some, from which 1-2 are bit annoying:
– ‘shift’+mouse drag won’t resize some brushes
– sometimes ‘X’ key won’t swap foreground/background color
– color palete toolbar seems to be bit buggy
– ah, perspective grid seems to be broken, but it worked ok Previously.
– few minor others
I you really want you can always use Linux and enjoy bug free, lightning fast Krita.

I hope I convinced You to give Krita a try.


6 thoughts on “Why krita soon will rule the painters world

  1. no blending tool no slider to change the size of brushes — “you can chage the size of brushes if you click on a dropdown dialog box and smearing is not blending” check out the next version of mypaint before declaring Krita an – end of all open source painting software

    1. I’m not sure if you are asking if there is slider for brush size and blending tools in Krita?
      There is slider at top toolbar to change brush size – you need to click button next to flow slider (black triangle), and then click on the right of size slider – It will change flow slider to size slider.
      About blending you can blend colors with normal brush or with smudge brush just like in other painting apps. Smudging is not blending but you can use it for blending colors right?
      I didn’t say anything about Mypaint or end of Open Source software so I don’t know what you mean. I is actually beginning of great open software.

      1. To change brush size, shift+ click and slide left or right. Or in the case of Wacom tablet, shift+pen left/right. Beats hunting for the slider when you’re in a hurry.

  2. Krita 2.5.9 has mainly only one problem:The lasso tool.I want it to be as precise as in Adobe photoshop.Some Krita developers have revealed that they want to consider my request in next Krita versions.I believe that they might have a better lasso tool in next versions comming somewhere in Jan 2013,as heard.
    other than that its the best Painting app you can get.Krita Desktop is a bit difficult to use when it comes to Brush Dynamics but if you are a professional artists,then these Brush dynamics adjustments is for you.Go get Krita,ask for better lasso tool and don’t buy expensive softwares like Artrage,Howler PD,etc.

    If you are looking something for fun and something lightweight but a balance of mid-professional software and fun to use software,then there is a new Krita category software called the Krita Sketch.Sketch has accomodate a maximum canvas size of 10000 * 10000 pixels.Wherear Krita Desktop goes further than Photoshop(Unthinkable Canvas Size).

    1. If Lasso tool is improved,then there are negligible reasions why not to use Krita.Krita is mainly a sketching and painting app,not a Photoediting app.Krita is Impressure.You can rarely get any other software,so good,so wonderful, like this for free as of now.

  3. Unlike GIMP Krita works easily with my Raw images from my camera. It also supports openEXR images, a great boon to Blender 3d users. Biggest problem I have is that it is very slow on my 7 year old computer. I guess it is time to update but on the other hand Blender works just fine. Krita might needs some code work to speed it up a bit more.

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