Mitsuba exporter 1.0

Update3: Works with Mitsuba 4.1, most of sun options are supported). Thin dielectric added. But dipole is still broken.
Update4: Should fix some camera bugs, increased some allowed max parameters values .
Here is updated blender exporter that works with Blender 2.64 and Mitsuba 4.1

Supported engine integrators are (all except AO – who uses it today anyway):

  • Energy redistribution PT
  • Path Space MLT
  • Primary Sample Space MLT
  • Photon mapper
  • Adjoint Particle Tracer
  • Bidirectional path tracer
  • Volumetric path tracer (Extended)
  • Volumetric path tracer (Simple)
  • Path tracer
  • Direct Illumination

Supported integrators are (basically all):

  • Sobol QMC sampler
  • Hammersley QMC sampler
  • Halton QMC sampler
  • Low discrepancy
  • Stratified
  • Independent

Render settings form mistuba exporter

Other features included:
support for blend bsdf (see gold statue that uses gold and diffuse, with smooth dielectric coating)
Modifiers are finally supported (thanks to updated collada exporter that has this feature now)
HDR environment maps – through hemi light.
Thind dielectric – Architectural glass support
Multiple materials per object support

Broken features:
-sunsky, sky, sun (I think there is problem with transforming sunsky coordinates – I reported but to mitsuba creator Wenzel Jakob
no support for dof – no time to implement it now Should work now in update 3.
– dipose sss – It is fixed in newest Mitsuba release, should be out soon. I know lots of blender guys are waiting for it – sorry for make you waiting :/ (if you really want you can copy manually dipole xml code inside scene to tag and it should work)

And some screens. Car is from blender swap made by user tom120934. I had to remake all materials for mitsuba. Render time was 6minutes with Photon Mapping. Thanks for great car tom120934:


47 thoughts on “Mitsuba exporter 1.0

  1. Przypadkowo trafiłem na ten renderer i pozytywnie mnie zaskoczył – choć używałem go tylko jako “silnik zewnętrzny”. Jestem laikiem w temacie Blendera, więc zadan typowo laickie pytanie- jak zintegrować Mistubę z Blenderem? – czy instaluje się go poprzez Addons ? czy kopiuje pliki do siakiegoś folderu ?

    1. Witam. Należy skopiować folder folder z eksporterem do katalogu : …\scripts\addons. Potem w ustawieniach blendera -> zakładka ‘Addons’ wyszukaj mitsuba (przycisk ‘testing’ musi być włączony)

  2. Dziękuję bardzo za odpowiedź ! -właśnie poległem na tej końcówce bo nie skojarzyłem, że powinienem szukać w skryptach testowych. Chylę przy okazji czoła za wytrwałość z kodowaniem. Może powinienem się także przyjrzeć stronie sryptowej bo mam kilka pomysłów na kilka usprawnień (powiązanie rozwiązań z różnych narzędzi Blendera) oraz na narzędzia do Blendera (choć mogłyby być i do każdego innego softu) usprawniające modeling (hard surface)


  3. I can not download the newest .11fix. I think it’s not accessing your dropbox properly :\ is there any other way to share a working link? Thanks for all your hard work! I love it!

  4. I’m having trouble installing the add-on.

    The following error occurs when I try to enable Mitsuba Exporter.

    found bundled python: / Applications / Blender 2.64/
    Traceback (most recent call last):
       File “/ Applications / Blender 2.64/”, line 78, in _test_import
         mod = __ import__ (module_name)
       File “/ Applications / Blender 2.64/”, line 48, in
         from. import core
       File “/ Applications / Blender 2.64/”, line 34, in
         from .. import properties (
    ImportError: No module named properties

  5. Material emission isn’t exported properly for objects with multiple materials. (It only works for the first material in the object.)

    Also, I’ve found some scenes with instances don’t export their materials at all.

    1. About emission – this is how emission works in mitsuba. Emission can only be assigned to object (not to material). So one object -> only one emission property (but can have multiple materials). About scenes with instances. I would have to test that with your file (but I’m not sure if I will have time this week for fix)

  6. Marcelo’s problem is the same I had in Ubuntu 12.04 until updating the python script Wenzel described at

    That change, which might improve Mac as well as Linux performance, was described at but it seems the change is not yet made in the new exporters. BTW, it is better to use the code Wenzel lists because it has the indents needed by python, whereas my post on this site somehow dropped the indents.

    Great work, Bartosz, on this latest exporter.

      1. Latest downloaded exporter works in Ubuntu.

        Those new to Mitsuba might want to start Blender in a terminal with ./blender to get useful messages when rendering.

  7. The MLT renderers need to be set to independant sampler by default –
    and higher than 1024 sampels per pixel. The exporter won’t allow a higher value than 1024 😦

    I usually set it to 8192 or higher so I get a more progressive render and stop it manually.

    1. I increased max samples. But you have to change sampler type manualy. I did some fixes to camera so maybe it will fix your bug too. if not, then I would need your blend file.
      Updated exporter link is same as previous.

      1. Thanks for the updates
        It seems it’s a Mitsuba 0.4.1 bug.
        It renders fine when set to export+render in the addon.
        But everytime I try to change the rendering method in the Mitsuba GUI menu, Mitsuba complains about the camera

        Also can you allow direct samples to be set to -1
        Doing this in Mitsuba turns it off, so MLT can fully compute the direct lighting itself

  8. I keep getting this when loading an exported scene

    012-10-20 19:52:05 WARN main [main.cpp:147] Caught exception: 2012-10-20 19:52:05 ERROR main [PerspectiveCamera] Please specify either a focal length (‘focalLength’) or a field of view (‘fov’)!

  9. I hawe the same problem as Colin (…specify focal length…) after switching to anything else than direct ilumination. Exporting from blender.
    Help! 🙂

  10. Hi, I got this error:
    MtsBlend: Launching mtsimport
    /usr/bin/mtsimport: Symbol `_ZTV3DAE’ has different size in shared object, consider re-linking
    INFO main [converter.cpp:127] Creating directory “textures” ..
    INFO main [converter.cpp:137] Beginning conversion ..
    INFO main [collada.cpp:1590] Loading “untitled.Scene.00001.dae” ..
    /usr/bin/mtsimport: symbol lookup error: /usr/bin/mtsimport: undefined symbol: _ZN3DAE4initEP11daeDatabaseP11daeIOPlugin

    Can anyone help me.


  11. i’m having a problem, an object i created and applied a smooth plastic material to is rendering black in both the preview and mitsuba. no matter what i change the material to it still renders black, the object is a cylinder shaped into a teacup with 3 subdivisions. picture here:
    other materials and objects seem to be working fine, an egg cup holder with a dialectric material in the same scene here
    This seems to be a very odd error, as the egg cup holder is very similar to the teacup. i have tried remaking it from scratch a few times and it still renders as black. any solution?

  12. Thanks for the Blender exporter.

    May I suggest to set minimum value of ‘maxSampleFactor’ in to -1, since Mitsuba treats it as ‘no upper limit’? And maybe increase the positive limit up to 1000 or so.

    Thanks again.

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