Lots of sculpts

Mostly having fun in 3d coat. Dynamic tessellation is way better that zremesh. No need to remesh and loosing detail like in zbrush. Pros compared to zbrush:

  • instances!!! (eg, sculpt one finger, and have all other updated in realtime)
  • ability to group objects in tree structure (child – parent). This allow of transformation of whole group of objects at once. I zbrush you can move only one tool at time (unless going with zpose)
  • easy way of posing multiple objects at once (no need to merge). Same goes for move brush.
  • easy gradient masking – awesome to pose hipoly sculpt. In zbrush you have to make lowpoly version of sculpt first to get smooth masking with transpose tool – bit time consuming.
  • painting with layers and blending modes.
  • Cool and fast booleans – especially in voxel mode. Great for hardsurface stuff

Bad things:

  • exporter for blender dosen’t seems to work. Too zbrush too 😦
  • I didn’t managed to export vertex color from blender back to 3d coat recently. It was pain in the .. in my last project (yellow girl),
  • some stuff is buggy, or not functional at but recent 4.1 release fixed lots of stuff.
  • bad default navigation imo, but you will be able to customize it
  • default brushes are not good but Artman Preset is awesome. Use custom presets



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