GroupPro was made because default blender group instances are powerful, but it is not user friendly to work with. With GroupPro I managed to get rid of all annoying features of group instances:

  • you can edit any instances on scene, not just the ‘source’ one
  • you can work in recursive way – group instances, can be made of other subgroups, which can be made of subgroups etc. At any stage subgroup can be edited and saved, with all instances updated in realtime
  • easy mirroring of selected groups, that fixes group instance mirror
  • adjusting origin of group, without destroying positions of other instances placed in scene, or in another groups
  • nice UI, that makes group instances easy to work with

This makes working with huge scenes with lots of objects easy and gives all the pros of group instances:

  •  less memory memory usage
  •  easy selection of multiple objects with one click

Here is video tutorial/demo how to use addon (for version 1.0):

Update 1.01:

  • preventing ability to edit linked library groups – editing linked library objects it is not supported by GroupPro,
  •  ‘flip’ options correctly stores groups assigned to mirrored objects,
  •  bounding box for edited group is now displayed only for visible objects and bbox is displayed now in xray mode to make it easily visible).

Update 1.02:

  • Delete Group – deletes group with subgroups and objects that this group is made of permanently from blender file
  • Make unique – Makes selected Group separate instance.

    GroupPro – MakeUnique command
  • Convert to geometry – It splits Grouped object into separate, individual mesh objects.
  • Initialize Groups – Helps to cleanup garbage objs. after pasting group from another file

Update 1.03

  • Added pop-up menu with GroupPro commands under ‘Ctrl+X’ hotkey

Update 1.04

  • fixed problems with displaying instances of group that was being edited
  • fixed problems with ‘Set origin’ command
  • added ‘Cleanup’ command – deletes unused groups with content.  Unused groups = groups that are currently not being linked to scene). More info with example in manual.

Update 1.05

  • refactored code for editing and closing groups (simpler, more speed)
  • added ‘MaxDepth’ parameter for ‘MakingUnique’ groups- Maximum depth for which unique groups will be created. 0-inifinite depth, default=1 (use F6 panel to change maxDepth)

    MakeUnique – maxDepth demo
  • bug fixes

And here is Yamato battleship  I made to stress test new addon:

Yamato battleship Yamato battleship Yamato battleship Yamato battleship Yamato battleship Yamato battleship


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