PivotPro Blender addon, some art too.

Hi I just finished making new blender addon  – baking tool for substance designer users. It will allow you quicly bake ao, normal, ID etc. in allegorithmic BatchTools software. Baking times will be no longer problem ;). Bad new is it will cost $ but not much (5-15$ I think). I have to test it bit more, but it should be out in 1-2 weeks.

Also PivotPro addon (free) is now available on github. PivotPro will allow you to create temporary pivot point, that can be easily moved, snapped and used for pivot point for rotation, scaling, snapping point reference.

Blender PivotPro addon
PivotPro in action

If you like it you can support me by giving any sum through gumroad.
And here is part of manual for this addon (full manual is provided with gumroad link above):
Now you can press rotate, scale, move selected objects around red pivot point. To do this use:

  • shift + R to rotate box around red pivot
  • shift + S to scale box around red pivot
  • shift + G – by default behaves like ordinary grab. But if you enable snapping, box will be snapped to desired vertex/edge/face by red pivot location. Also when nothing is selected, you can use shift+G to translate red pivot to new location, eg. below I used shift+G, then ‘Z’, to move red pivot 1BlenderUnit up in Z axis.

Example of snapping with pivotPro:

PivotPro snapping example animation

Example with grid snapping:

PivotPro snapping to grid

And some stuff  I made in past months:


6 thoughts on “PivotPro Blender addon, some art too.

  1. Here’s a scenario:

    I want to snap text onto the face of a polygon (dodecahedron for example).

    Where do I start with your tool?

    I would think snap to face.


    1. Yep, enable snapping, then use shift+G to snap red pivot point (with all objects already selected) to desired face, edge, vertex (depending on your snap settings). You can also use averaged snapping, do snap to middle of edge etc. I will try make gif with animation how this may work.

  2. H JoseConseco,

    Thanks and congratulations for this useful addon “PivotPro”.

    Today I read a comment about “from Modo to Blender” and this guy said that on Modo a special (like the world grid but with a new color like blue) grid move with the pivot, What do you mean about this feature, please?

    Is it possible with your pivot to add this, with the choice of XY or YZ or ZX direction to show it (like on world grid)?
    Thnks in advance for your reply.

    1. PivotPro works with all the snapping settings in blender (no more no less). That means it works with grid snapping too. I just added animated gif with grid snapping example. If you want to snap to axis just use nupmad 1,3,7 keys to snap your view to top,right or front view.

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