New Blender addon Draw Xray

Draw Xray addon will help you to draw retopo mesh on top of your highpoly mesh, without problems of build in blender xray (no proper backface culling).

How to use:

  • grab addon from here Draw Xray
  • install it by searching addon by name ‘Xray’
  • go to Properties panel -> shading – Draw Xray.

You will be able to see your mesh now and few more control sliders:

  • Object offset – will determine how much your lowpoly object will be rendered in front of other objects. Set it to 0 to get default blender behavior.
  • Polygon color opacity
  • Edge /Vertex color opacity.

Updata 1.01

  • better mesh drawing when zooming in/out the vieport camera to mesh.




7 thoughts on “New Blender addon Draw Xray

      1. Bought it and got disappointed it wont work with shrink wrap modifier correctly and seriously thats the best way to retopo with that modifier please make this happen!! otherwise I supported for nothing 😦

      2. There seems to be no efficient way to get vertices from modifier, without slowing down the vieport (I have to draw the mesh overlay every frame, so I want to avoid doing complex math in there). But the best way of doing retopo is using ‘Surface Constraint Tools‘. When you isntall it, use the ‘car’ icon on the bottom of panel. This will apply shrink wrap modifier every time you edit mesh. This way your mesh is always snapped to target. If you don’t like it I can give you refund.

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